Saturday, April 14, 2012

How Country Am I?

It’s true I grew up with a foot in the city and another in the country. All my best memories coming up were made in the COUNTRY. My favorite places to be were in the country; my grandparent’s farm (spent a LOT of time THERE growing up, you can bet that!), camped out in the woods, wandering down those long, winding country roads, or by the lake fishing. I always did like the sound of wind in the trees better than city traffic noise. I like the mountains, and trees, and I like open spaces. I have moved around a lot in this world, but my very favorite place I ever lived was a little shack in the woods. I presently live in a fairly small town, and I wish I was in the country, but AT LEAST it’s not a big city - I think I would hang myself. I’ve lived north, and south, and east, and west. I like the south and the west the best. I like biscuits and gravy, and I would give just about anything if I could somehow have my Mammaw’s homemade jams and jellies again. I remember the hog-roasts we used to have on the farm, the smell of that smoky open fire, and that nice, fresh pork cooking over it all day. I remember picking corn and digging up taters. Some folks pay money to go on hayrides. I used to do those. They weren’t for fun. They were work. I remember riding in the car for hours on those country roads, with Daddy’s country music radio station playing all the way. Nothing is more beautiful to me than the sun coming up over the mountains. I don’t really want much in this life. Wanna sing my songs, and play my guitar. Want a little spot of land in the country. Want some good lovin’ and a home-cooked meal. A nice drink and a good smoke. That’ll do. I don’t need a whole pile of money - though it sure wouldn’t hurt none haha - don’t need no fancy cars. How country am I? I’m that country.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Oh, ya'll ain't outlaw. Haha you think THAT makes you outlaw? BAWHAWHAW Let me tell you about bein' outlaw. I don't like your country music I like my country music. I don't really give a damn about any dreams of being in the Opry some day. I miss livin in the woods with bears in the yard. I like moonshine. I don't like pop country much usually. I like Waylon Jennings. I don't like rules. I smoke cigarettes because I like it even though it ain't good for me. I smoke mary-ju-wanna because it's GOOD for me AND I LIKE IT. I like neon signs, whiskey, and beer. I like weed, I mean some nice, American homegrown, not that dirty seeded-up brick stuff that smells like mold from Mexico. I like guitars, and fiddles, and steel guitar, and banjos. I do NOT like tofu. I am a sworn meat-eater and my favorite meat is BAMBI - that's right I like venison over an open fire. I don't know who annoys me more holier-than-thou vegetarians or people who think hunting is bad, but buy the factory-farmed meat at the grocery store, and somehow think THAT is ok.  I like fishing.  I like the smell of that fresh country air, and I even like the smell of manure in the morning. I like the sun reflecting off a clear mountain stream. I grew up immersed in music, both country and rock. I like rock music, and I mean I like HARD rock, and even screaming metal, but the older I get the more I prefer country. I don't care much for Toby Keith. I like Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson. Would love to smoke a big, fat one with Willie. I don't like Taylor Swift. I like Reba & I like Patsy Cline. I like moonshine did I mention moonshine? Yeah, and I like pretty women. I don't like my ex-wife.

band wanted

that's right. I need banjos and fiddles and mandolins. Drummer, another guitarist, and bassist would help too. contact me.

James McDoom - Long Black Veil

Country James